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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Tough Feminist Hawk or Feminine Victim?

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Hillary Clinton has learned what some of Donald Trumps GOP opponents have found about him: You wont assault him with impunity, and youd better invulnerable on the same issue.

Trump additionally referred to her drawn-out toilet break during the latest Democratic presidential discussion and used colorful language to describe Barack Obamas trouncing of Clinton in 2008.

Trumps selection and strategies of language apart, Clinton certainly miscalculated her reply, believing that she could both brush score points and Trump back on his back by invoking the sex card. By assaulting the very practice which has elevated him to the top in this instance his skewering of political correctness, nevertheless, you dont triumph against someone.

With no more truthfulness than when she pathetically lapsed into African American dialect in a black church some time past, Clinton opportunistically exclaimed, I truly deplore the tone of his campaign as well as the inflammatory rhetoric he is using to break up individuals and his going after groups of people who have hateful, incendiary rhetoric.

Like that werent enough, Clinton included, His bigotry, his intimidation, his bluster have become his campaign. In a subsequent interview, Clinton continued to pile on, saying Trump has a penchant for sexism.

I neednt defend Trumps choice of words here, but I’ll say that I dont consider they were voiced by him out of sexism or out of hate. Trump, in my view, frequently uses provocative language against his adversaries to additionally demonstrate he is not going to kowtow to political correctness and to get under their skin. That’s really what Trump was doing to Clinton and it operated.

Clinton fell into Trumps trick. By accusing Trump of sexism, she opened herself broad to his counter-counter, and he was prepared. He threw that back in her face, mentioning husband Bill Clintons indisputable penchant for sexism, which, incidentally, Hillary Clinton grossly and persistently empowered with her callous treatment of the well-known bimbo eruptions, for example.

Hillary Clinton accused the large, lousy, mean, strong, Putin-approved billionaire of intimidation and bigotry. One would presume that such a ambitious girl with ready accessibility to the shrewdest political guidance money can purchase would value the danger while attempting to project an image of stamina and stamina in her playing the sex card. Does it not occur to Clinton that theres an uncomfortable contradiction in describing herself as a girl that is hypersensitive, poor and exposed while holding herself out as our opponents worst nightmare?

Its ridiculous for her to believe she can score points against Trump for bullying her but totally delusional to anticipate when national security is leading on Americans thoughts that those points will accrue to her advantage. Clinton is designed to be the hawkish Democrat, recall? Just how many hawks do you understand who are preoccupied with chivalrous guys bending over to pick up their handkerchiefs?

Isnt the modern feminists agenda to visit sex neutrality to allow it to be taboo to indicate there’s any difference between women and men at all, particularly inside their various skills to manage challenging political or workplace challenges? Of course thats what they desire, except when it serves their interest

Remember when Clinton and her handlers went ballistic when Rick Lazio, her Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate seat in New York, infringed her space on the discussion period? Clinton imagined to be mortified. Uber-feminist Clinton was reduced to I ‘m girl. Hear me roar, but dont you dare roar back. Do nt look at me crossways.

But in Clintons case, there isnt an ounce of sincerity in her protests of sexism. On her gentlest day, she will not exude femininity with all due respect, and I dont believe for a second Trumps opinions piqued her any more than she was by Lazios innocuous gestures. She’s just a political creature who’ll use whatever tools she’s on any specified day expecting nicely the preceding day, forget what she did.

Apart from her fake invocation of the sex card, we have to note that some given by surrogates, her counterattacks, were over the top than anything Donald Trump said. Clinton ally Ellen Tauscher said: we’re watching The Donald melt down. His racist, sexist, xenophobic rants are currently wearing on individuals normally. It’s somewhat loaded for her gaggle of harridans and Clinton to whine about Trumps scatological comments and after that turn around and accuse him of the worst sort of phobias and isms.

There’s a real danger shell do lasting damage to her enviable mystical picture as a qualified future commander in chief, although there isn’t any chance Clinton will gain ground against Trump with this particular charade.

For my fellow Republicans concerned about all of the GOP infighting happening, maybe you can get some comfort in Clintons penchant for unforced mistakes.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and lawyer. His latest novel is The Emmaus Code: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament. Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his web site at To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at




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